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  • Site Description: Bajeca’s Vistas is a large and diverse site, broken into 10 Vistas, concentrating on specific subject matter within each area. A very brief overview of these areas follows.

    Values-Social Issues, & Inspirations
    Verse-Poetry, Short Stories, & Journal
    Volume-Midi & Lyrics collection
    Visions-Graphics, Gifts, Adoptions, Sig Tags, Web Design & Tutorials
    Vault-American Indian Studies
    Variety-Recipes, Holiday Themes, Quilts, Games, Puzzles, & More
    Venues-Web Rings, Group Associations, & Group Dedication pages
    Validation-Awards & Recognitions
    Vitals-Bio, Family, Friends & Photos
    Visitors-Book, Map,&  Poll 
  • Epitome of a Phenomenal Woman.  What does this mean to me.  As a woman it is important that one's efforts are recognized as being a part of the woman I am.  A Daughter, A Sister, A Mother, A Friend and most importantly, Myself.  
  • Bajeca became an accepted member of The Phenomenal Women of the Web on May 19, 1999.


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