VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
January 5

bonnet women tending to baby
Mouse Drawn by B. J. Carper


My creed is that:
Happiness is the only good.
The Place to be happy is here.
The time to be happy is now.
The way to be happy is to make others so.

~Robert Ingersoll~


I slept way to much today, and thus nothing after work was anything but dreams.


"Do something every day that you don't want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain."
-Mark Twain-


Well I believe winter is finally here, in a way I think it is good that is has come. For the frigid temperatures kill all the bad things that lay hidden an unseen. Hopefully this has more meaning than the actual occurrence. My Thought to Ponder today.


another day sitting in silence, longing for another to be here with me, longing for company of some kind, wondering why the silence and the loneliness is such a punishment wondering when it will end or if it ever will.


It's Saturday
no longer a day to look forward to with joy and happiness
but with dread, hoping the hours pass quickly so I can at least go to work
to be around other people instead of this lonely prison I call home


I wonder where we will finish


He has gone to her yet again. I feel him leaving, but yet I know that he will not be the one to do so, it is I who must leave, and it is I whose fault it must be. For it has always been thus, and shall always be


The Day has been born a-new
Lost in sweetest rapture of dew
Where shared spirits soar
Like a waterfalls mighty roar
The knowing that two can share
Rather it be here or there
Lost in pleasure of thyself
Means no longer on the shelf
Two hearts beating
A desired meeting
'Til morn's light shines
and thou knowest thee is mine

When the darkness fell, and yesterday faded into now, a sadness engulfed, for I knew it was gone forever, but then the bells rang, and a smile crossed my lips, for yesterday's lost only meant today a new beginning.


His touch was the sweetest I ever knew
His words pierced my heart

Who would have thought that it could be like this


It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable.
- Eric Hoffer