VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
January 8

Life is so unsure
Never knowing what will come your way
So you take what is given
Because what choice do you have
You learn to move on
As you find strength
Yet the pain in your heart remains
Wondering how that's possible
When it's so hard to survive
But you get yourself together
And if you're empty inside
You smile to the world around you
As your pain is locked away...
I once heard somewhere
There's a reason for everything
But when your heart is torn apart
It's hard to understand why
You try to find reasons that never come
So you search your soul within
And as hard as that might be
You glance above
Looking for the comfort
The Lord can only give...
You can go through life feeling empty
Trying to find peace
Or you can have faith in knowing
An Angel will always be there with you
If you can only believe
So you open your heart
And hurt will remain
But comfort you shall find...
No one ever said life was easy
But you make the best of it
Yet when sadness is in your eyes
It's hard to hide the pain
As you try to find the peace within
And you'll do anything just to survive...
Days may seem forever
When pain is in your heart
Nights are spent sleepless
But you look for comfort
So you ask the Lord again
For the help only he can give
And then something happens
You find the strength
To make it through another day...
When you look around
The world may seem so unkind
But somewhere deep inside you know
The ones who love you
Will be there by your side
Helping you find what you need
As you find comfort knowing
They are the peace within you...
Memories are what we really have
No matter what cards are dealt
And you learn to smile again
Because memories can never be taken away
As they are placed in the corner of our hearts
Belonging to only us...
So no matter how hard times are
Open your heart
You'll be just fine
And when you find the peace within
Things will work out
As you learn as you go along
That life may seem unfair
But you have no other choice
Making the best of what comes your way...
Keep the memories in your heart
And know one thing
You'll find comfort within
And time won't heal the pain
But it will ease...


Well I was hoping the Giants would win, WRONG, should have known better but oh well. I'm watching the Cinci-Pittsburgh game now, I really want the Steelers to win, but on the other hand would be nice to see Cinci do it with the big hit they took in the beginning of the game losing Carson Palmer on the first drive. Right now in the 3rd quarter with 5:01 left to play Pittsburgh just went ahead by a score of 21-17, so maybe 1 of the four games will go the way I want it to, but I'm not holding my breath yet.


"One of the oldest human needs is having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night."
-Margaret Mead-


I often debate the next direction I should go, always approaching new ideas with gusto, but yet apprehension and extreme caution, the latter I have found has been the downfall of happiness, and the preceding the downfall of common sense.


I wished I would begin to feel better. I'm so tired of this tired, yuck feeling. My chest has been hurting today, I think maybe because of it holding a heart so full of love and with no one to share it with, or maybe it's from being broken and scared so much, it is hard to tell or to differentiate the difference in the two I guess. I try not to think of what was the images fade but are still hidden in the memory to pop up when least wanted. Then the tears come and the sorrow is brought back to the forefront of my mind.


I wonder where or how we as a person learn patience, and in the game of waiting, are we impatient or patient? I wonder how long is too long and how long is not enough, when or where do we decide to give up and not consider it a failure?


Well I'm still living and still breathing and this is a wondrous thing. For I like living.


The days have passed with nothing new. Life has lost the thrill. It as if we travel through time, minutes pass into hours hours into days, and there is no recollections of one from the other, they are all the same.


Where was it when time was nothing important, and tomorrow seemed a million years away? I wonder why the days seem to have gained speed. Are seconds still a second long? Who said time could not change. In essence it has. I question the reason for time and how it reflects upon each of us.

Cookies in the oven
Music on the radio
Mail in the box
Birds at the feeder, Red, blue and brown
Water dripping from the spigot
Snow falling from a white sky
Cats sleeping in a window sill
Silence everywhere
Solitude in tears
Children lost because of years
Men grown, gone
Love forbidden, or just hidden


This morning as the morning light broke over the eastern hill So did the light dawn over my soul

I know longer pondered my path, but knew its direction
I shall be led down my destined path
My spirits soared, no longer questioning, but now knowing
And by knowing I am free


The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.
- Thomas H. Huxley