VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
January 9

Friends Forever Mousies
Created by B. J. Carper
using LineArt
from Vanilla Fields


My mind is going stale
for without words or tale
I cannot find
a simple way to unwind


"Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you."
-Frank Tyger


Well I finally got the Visions area up on the site with the new layout, I cleaned out a bunch of stuff there and now find I want to play with psp and create more and more, not a good thing when the other Vistas need to be completed as well.


2:08 a.m. and I can't sleep, even though I am so tired my eyes do not want to remain open, but yet the mind won't let me sleep, way to many thoughts running rampant in there, screaming, crying, hope, desire, sorrow, fear, need, everything running and crashing together to make sleep impossible. If only there could be an answer for what if?


I missed work today, another resolution broken and the year is only 9 days old, I'm not doing so well with them. My head has been pounding so bad, I can't seem to think, but the thing that is bothering me the most is I'm forgetting things in the middle of doing them, it's as though my mind leaves me, and it scares me, for my mind is about all I really have.

Even with not feeling so hot I had a good day for my baby came for supper. It was good to have someone else in the house for a change.


Some days are just days like all the ones in the past, but today was different, it was a new day.


He mentioned her in casual conversation once again, As though I don't know of what she is coming to mean to him, it is only a matter of time before he exiles me from his life and then where will I go?


Sometimes I forget to look for the little things God gives me. The smile of a stranger, or the glimpse of a child untarnished by today's world.

Sometimes I become so self absorbed thinking only what needs to be done and how I shall accomplish it that I forget what or who is around me and how my actions also affect them.

Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself, of just who I am, where I've been and how far I have came. Life may not always deal me the hand I wanted, but winning isn't everything.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that which is the most important, is a pure heart, and nothing else.



To write

Writing is such a gift, just as reading is
It opens new worlds for us
it gives us insight..

to put our feelings into words and to allow others to be there with us, is a certain joy. but to make them feel really feel, is a gift. If given a picture one may see it differently than the the other, but the colors are the same. Not so with words.

Take the short sentence I Love You. Describe what those words mean. I'm sure you can think of many as well as I. Do I Love my Child, Do I love another as in my Soul Mate. Do I love them as a friend.

What is the level of intensity in the words I Love You. Is it ever the same from one moment to the next? Paint a picture with these three words. I Love You.

Is it a picture of red hearts kissing? Is it a picture of a warm fire, a shared blanket? Is it a tight squeeze from a child? Is it a single tear drop falling? Maybe it's a smile shining as bright as the sun on the most beautiful of days. But it may also be a picture of the darkest night.

This is my thought to ponder this day.


What we play is life.
- Louis Armstrong