VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
May 2

"May our joys be deep and our wounds be sacred. Post angels to protect us, Lord, from the demons that would divide our hearts. Now and forever. Amen." - Marianne Williamson, Author -

Nite Nite Mail baby
Created by B. J. Carper
from lineart from
PSP Country School


As things for me sit still it seems that the world spins out of control around me. For some odd reason that brings my thoughts to sadness and sorrow, worry and painful memories. It also makes me realize how truly alone I am in this world. I honestly believe it will always be so, and when I am no longer able to take care of me, then what will I do?


A Birth Certificate shows you were born.
A Death Certificate shows you died.
A Photo Album shows that you have LIVED.


it seems as though my heart has gone out of most everything, it is such a struggle to get up in the mornings nay more, and to more than go to work and then come home and sleep. Even sleep is tiring, it is as though there is nothing in my life to motivate, inspire or push me forward, it sucks being so alone.


giant leaps are what are needed
Sometimes walking backwards seems to be the safest way to go
Sometimes a dead stop is all there is


From the inside of my mind I look outward at what is the being of myself, I look at the endless path ahead of me, and ponder the thought of where and when it may end


From lightest words sometimes the direst quarrel springs.
- Cato the Elder -


Innocence dwells with Wisdom, but never with Ignorance.
- William Blake -


I noticed something ironic today. My Thoughts now has 502 days of being here. looking at the number 502 today is 5/02/99 It just seemed strange that the number of days in existence would be the same as the date it appeared.


Feeling like a stranger looking in
I see my family laughing
joking and playing
Babies I once held now walking
where did the time go
who are these people


Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.
- Sir Winston Churchill -