VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
June 11

"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever."


It's been so long since I have really written anything in my thoughts, and so here I sit at 4:13 in the morning doing just that. Sometimes it is hard to find anything to write about, because the truth is life doesn't seem to change from day to day, it's just a rotating bubble with the outside locked out and the inside imprisoned within.


"The world is good-natured to people who are good natured."
- William Makepeace Thackeray -


"Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them."
- Psalm 119:165 -


I wonder if others dream in shades of gray,
where the days and nights are just different variance of the color,

and black is so black
and white is so bright

and there is nothing in between


I wished I could stop the tears
and hide my fears inside until they clear

I wished I was someone, that someone could love
and grant me the wings of a dove

I wished I would not hide inside my shell
and remove myself from such a life of hell


When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.
- Henry J. Kaiser


Some days I wonder if all is hopeless
Where is the future
Where are the dreams
Where is the love
Where is life for those who are lost


What is forever? Is it a dream that we try to hold on to, hoping that it will be? When does Forever fade and the thought of it is no longer an infinite unknown destiny. What is Forever?


The breeze sings with the tinkling sound of chimes
The air alive with the soft melodies of winged creatures in flight
Trees chatter and sway as the winds dances around them
Beauty abounds


Free advice is worth the price.
- Robert Half -