VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
November 18

From my house to your house,
The door is open wide
To welcome you, my dearest friend.
For, there is love inside.
Within my cozy little house,
Worldly riches are bare.
But, rich am I in friendship;
So full of love and care.

For, I have the greatest friends
Life could ever send my way.
Thank you for my house of friendship
I share with you each day.

But, no matter what road I travel
Or rich, or poor am I,
I have the finest gift of all
The dearest friends have I.

- © by Claytia Doran -


The boys were good this weekend, but with my head pounding I was glad to see them go home.


somewhere on the wings of a dove
there is peace joy and Love

somewhere in the breeze
there is a wintery freeze

somewhere up above
there comes a touch of love


You know when yous aid good bye I knew it was forever, but yet you made a promise that it wasn't that someday somewhere I would see you again, and when that time comes it will be forever. Until that time I will still believe


the days are going fast in the sense that Christmas is so close but yet they drag on and on, with the dread of spending an other one alone work has been good, time away from this prison I call home


I think I am worn out, exhausted beyond the point of comfort, tired of so many things, tired from so many things, tired from not enough of this or not enough of that, tired to where only the mind and the body want, crave rest and peaceful slumber


If I cried tonight would anyone notice?


I wonder what life will be like in this new one I have. I want so many things for myself, but yet feel so helpless in anyway of getting them


I stared at a haunted moon
through a darkened window pane
It seemed to call
through the cold rain
crying from it's wounds
looking at the world so small


21 Nov 98--in retrospect

the morning dawned much later than my normal day. I awoke in the morning to darkness, and warm temperatures a brief walk around the blocks where homeless people slept upon the side walk. Soon the day was to begin with a Diet Pepsi and a huge cinnamon roll. Freshly baked and lightly glazed. It was fantastic. Our Limo came and got us shortly there after and we proceeded to the offices of a place That held many mysteries. The people were warm and friendly, a family more so than a working environment. It was so terrific to watch them work. More meetings and comments more new faces and delicious food, and soon the evening came to a close


The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.
- Confucius -