VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
December 3

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
- Ernest Hemingway -


Well it’s been another boring Saturday, although I did take Rup Rup to McDonalds for her double cheese burger, other than that the day has been very uneventful, Laughing well you know if a trip to McDonalds is the highlight of your day, it’s maybe time to start to look into getting a life.

I did a lot of file clean up on pute today, kind of the end of year clean out, now I know I’ll be digging in the cd’s looking for something I saved but have removed from pute, anyhow it always seems to go like that. I did do some pixeling today, just some little things from psp country school and vanilla fields. Nothing major, think I was just trying to get something back into my empty folders.

Well I’m rambling on and on here so I shall end this post for this day.


bum ralls, dogs and a long dark drive home


as the season approaches or families and friends to gather, and the festive celebration of Christmas I find it hard to fight the depression, and reflection of what has passed and the joys of it then but no longer..oh how I wished I could find that Christmas spirit.


Aunt Flo comes once again along with the headache and everything else. oh well I guess this is part of life.


I think I worked to hard today.
My feet hurt
My legs burn
My fingers ache
My back is sore

But was a good productive day and that is all that counts.


With the winter winds blowing and inspiration flowing
Inspired by a love slowly growing shining in my eyes glowing


I looked inside my mind for the answers, but they were not there. I looked around but they were not to be found. I closed my eyes hoping to see, a silent prayer said upon my knees. I looked toward the heavens in the sky but yet the answers I was denied. I looked around, and soon I knew, there were no answers because the question was not through.


Where do we hide from the demons with in
how do we rid ourselves of their haunting presence
pasts that will never change
still linger in the mind
shame and guilt forevermore
Is this the punishment
the cross to bear for life's eternity?

If only I could make it stop
If only I could change the past
If only I could make it all different
If only I could find happiness
If only there was a peace


I think I thunk a thought
I thunk I think a thought