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We all have a choice to make before becoming sexually active. This page deals with the fact that if you become sexually active the chances of conceiving a child do exist and the chances increase every time you engage in sexual activity. We are given four choices. I call them the 3 A's and a K. The three A's are Abstinence, Adoption, Abortion, the K is for Keeping.

The only way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is to not have sexual relations. I realize that for some this seems to be an unreasonable option.

Remember if you do engage in sexual activities your chance of conceiving a child are at least fifty percent that you will conceive. Contraceptives may reduce this percentage but are not fool proof. No matter how safe you think you are being there is still a chance of conceiving a child.

If a child is conceived your choices are you may chose to keep the child and raise it. You may give the child up for adoption, or you may chose to abort it. Each and every one of these decisions will affect your life.

I have listed below the pro's and con's of each. In researching the information for this page I have spoken with many women that have made their own choices in the past, and have lived with their decisions. One thing that I noticed from each of those I spoke to that they each were glad they made the choice they did, but regretted it also.


Pro's Con's
Self Respect Sexual Tension
More Opportunity to grow with your chosen partner  
Pro's Con's
Allowing another family to have a Child Thoughts about your Child being somewhere else
Allowing your Child to have a stable home life Always wondering if you made the right choice
Allowing your Child the basic necessities of life Wondering if someday you will have to answer to this Child why you gave it up.
Pro's Con's
No burden of a Child Always wondering what if
No lifestyle changes Health risks
No one ever need know you were pregnant No way of reversing action
Pro's Con's
Knowing where your child is and what he/she has become No social life
A new life that is a part of you Lack of sleep
Someone to love Expenses-Medical and Material
  Physical and Mental Health Risk

Please remember that the few minutes of sexual satisfaction, can and often does result in a life altering event. Rather you give the child up, abort it, or decide to keep it, it will change your life forever.