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Violence Against Women

~~ valentyne ~~

Have you ever heard screams in the dead of the night,
A woman's weak voice filled with much fright,
The hands of a man that are striking their blow,
I ask God up above, why is this so?

The Lord hears her cries from high up above,
Is she a Mother, A Wife, or someone you love?
She may be a neighbor who lives down the street,
Whose tears are now falling as she's knocked off her feet.

Her children are crouched and gripped with such fear,
There is no one around to help or be near.
The panic that fills their heart and their soul,
Cannot be described or even be told.

Who could inflict such pain and disgrace?
Bruises and scars on their loved one's face.
These wounds will heal but not from the heart,
The Son's and the Daughters will be torn apart.

Where is the protection from man's brutal way?
How do we stop such a crime?
Violence toward women have shamed us for years,
From the very beginning of time.

No woman deserves to be treated unkind,
Their hearts shine a light for us all,
Love is not present when scorned and abused,
They never should tumble and fall.

The Crime Of The Century continues to grow,
Men should be filled with such shame,
While women are beaten to death everyday,
The laws are going unchanged.

If someone you know is suffering abuse,
At the hands of almighty man,
I beg you to stop it before it's too late,
Be counted and let's take a stand.

These so called men who are cowards at heart,
Have no place in the home or the streets,
When you go out shopping just turn your head,
And I'm sure there is one you will meet.

Once again hear my plea and do what is right,
Report what you hear or you see,
Let's all do our part to help save our Sister's,
That surely will include me.

Poem Published with Permission of Author to Use