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Violence Against Children

~~ valentyne ~~ 

What happens to our children,
When they don't return from school?
You pray that they are playing,
And have just forgotten their parents rule.

Many times they are seen no more,
Nor will they ever be....
The victims of an Evil Force,
Who murders with a sense of glee.

Their battered bodies often found,
Only doors away from home,
Where lived a man who neighbors say,
Kept very much alone.

We cannot feel the grief and terror,
Of a Mother or a Dad,
Whose child is gone forever,
Abducted and found dead!

We must have Eyes so we can See,
Where our children Go To Play,
Keep them where they are Safe With Us,
So they Will Not Fall Prey!

Our little one's Are No Longer Safe,
The way they Used To Be,
When they could gather at the park,
And we didn't have to see!

Society now has Reared Its Head,
And So Many Things Have Changed,
It's No Longer Safe To Walk Alone,
For Fear Of The Deranged!

Be Sure To Ban Together Now!
With Neighbors From Your Block,
Unite and Watch Each Others Child,
Be Strong..Just like A Rock!

Poem Published with Permission of Author to Use