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The Highest Wisdom We've Ever Known

There are times we're confronted with someone in pain
and their story breaks our hearts in two.
As they stand there before us pouring out painful details
we wonder what we'll say or do.

But the truth of it is...we won't always have words
that will fix things in a moment of time.
We won't have a solution...glossy advice
or verbal salve that makes everything fine.

But it could very well be they just need to talk
and our job is to earnestly hear.
For sometimes the best ministering isn't done with our mouths
but with a shoulder and two willing ears.

There are times when wisdom tells us to keep silent
but let compassion be shown on our face.
For we realize if God put us there in that moment
He's big enough to show them His grace.

The time for words will come when we lift them to the Father
and seek the One who knows just what to say.
Then God's Spirit will guide us as we intercede
and stand in the gap just to pray.

Then we realize the encounter that left us speechless
was designed to make us cry out to His throne.
They didn't need our solutions....they needed someone to pray
and seek the highest Wisdom we've ever known.

©2003 Sheila Gosney