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Your values are the principles you have which control your behavior

The Thorn and The Rose

There comes in one's life,
A thorn that causes pain.
A Thorn that pricks your side,
A thorn that never seems to go away.

But Above, this prickly thorn,
You will find a beautiful Rose.
A Rose with such splendor,
And so fragrant to the nose.

And, you will not see this Rose,
Until you come closer to see.
For when, you get to the Rose,
You will find that it is Me.

For I, The Rose of Sharon,
Have allowed this prickly thorn.
For you, are My Deep Desire,
A Desire from My Heart.

This Desire, will ever draw you,
To fall upon your knees.
To find Me, in the Hiding Place,
That is only reserved for you and Me.

Author Unknown