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Are You Ready For Sex?


If you are thinking of becoming sexual active, are you sure? Sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and emotional doubts are all good reasons to wait. I would like to ask you to be honest with yourself and answer the following questions. 

If you answer yes to any of these please wait until you are ready to become sexually active. Having sexual intercourse is a huge responsibility that will affect the rest of your life and possibly that of an unborn child.

Your not ready to have sex if.....

You think sex equals love
You feel pressured
You're afraid to say no
It's easier to give in
You think everyone else is doing it
Your instincts tell you not to
You don't know the facts about pregnancy
You don't understand how birth control works
You don't think a woman can get pregnant the first time
It goes against your moral beliefs
It goes against your religious beliefs
You'll regret it in the morning
You feel embarrassed or ashamed
You're doing it to prove something
You can't support a child
Your idea of commitment is a 3 day video rental
You believe sex before marriage is wrong
You don't know how to protect yourself from HIV-The virus that causes AIDS
You don't know the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections
You think it will make your partner love you
You think it will make you love your partner
You think it will keep you together
You hope it will change your life
You don't want it to change your life
You're not ready for the relationship to change
You're drunk
You wish you were drunk
Your partner is drunk
You expect it to be perfect
You'll just die if it's not perfect
You can't laugh together about awkward elbows and clumsy clothes
You're not ready to take off your clothes
You think HIV and AIDS only happen to other people
You think you can tell who has HIV by looking at them
You don't think teens get HIV
You don't know that abstinence is the only 100% protection against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy
You haven't talked about tomorrow
You can't face the thought of tomorrow
You'd be horrified if your parents found out
You're doing it just so your parents will find out
You're too scared to think clearly
You think it will make you more popular
You think you "owe it" to your partner
You think it's not okay to be a virgin
You're only thinking about yourself
You can't wait to tell everyone about it
You hope no one will hear about it
You really wish the whole thing had never come up