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Your values are the principles you have which control your behavior

Recipe for Miracles


1 part of knowing who you are
1 part of knowing who you're not
1 part of knowing what you want
1 part of knowing what you don't need
1 part of realizing what you already have
1 part of appreciating what you have
1 part of revisiting your wishes with newfound clarity and understanding
1 part of knowing Who makes it all happen


Follow the recipe carefully, including ALL ingredients.
Combine ingredients together ~ mixing gently, using faith and vision. 
Blend together with strong belief that the outcome is sure to be the very best. 
Use positive thoughts, words and actions ~ nothing else will suffice.
Bake in your warm heart, until done.
(Test for doneness by peeking inside.
If your heart is smiling, your miracle's done...:)
Share... it's not just for you.
Give thanks again before serving ~ to everyone.

Yield: Unlimited portions (reminiscent of the fishes & loaves)

~ Author Unknown ~