Bajeca's Values Vistas

Your values are the principles you have which control your behavior


For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the fields clap their hands. Isa.55:12 

My Secret Garden 

I have this secret garden 
'tis the place that I love best; 

A place of quiet beauty 
where I find peace and rest. 

My precious Savior meets me 
there amongst the lovely flowers; 

I sit there at his feet and learn 
and pass away the hours. 

His wisdom and his knowledge 
are what he teaches me; 

Things which are not of this world 
which fill me with tranquility. 

He teaches me of His compassion 
which I must show to others; 

How I must share this love of 
His with my sisters and my brothers. 

He gives such lovely gifts to me 
which I must learn to share; 

When I give these gifts to others 
it shows them that I care. 

My favorite story is the one 
that tells of how for us He died; 

Alone upon that cross he hung 
where he was crucified. 

The first time that I heard it 
I just bowed my head and cried; 

It broke my heart when I realized, 
how they pierced his precious side. 

I read of how they buried him 
and how he rose again; 

That all this had to happen 
to remove and take away our sin. 

A love like this, is so profound 
it takes my breath away; 

I find, I love him more and more 
Each and every day! 

I wonder at the love He's shown 
unworthy as we are; 

So great a love we've never known, 
surpasses human love by far! 

Yet if we are to live the way that 
He would have us live; 

The love that He has shown for us, 
to others we must also give! 

©2003 Helen Jounson