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Somewhere Someone's Praying

Somewhere someone's praying
Down upon their knees 
Lifting you before the Throne 
With love and gentle pleas

Asking God to give you 
Strength to face another day 
And when the night is darkest 
Shine light upon your way.

Somewhere someone's kneeling 
To whisper your name in prayer 
Knowing that you need to feel 
God's love and tender care

They intercede on your behalf 
Because they love you so 
Knowing that you have a need 
To their Father they will go

They pray when you're not able 
To speak a single word
What peace there is in knowing 
Their prayers will be heard

They lay you on the altar 
As they kneel there at His feet 
Giving all your cares to Him 
There at the mercy seat 

Our God is always listening 
To every earnest prayer 
When we look to Him for help 
The answer is always there 

It's such a comfort to know 
That someone prays for you 
Placed within His loving hands 
Those prayers will see you through 

As you kneel before the Father 
Thank Him for those who care 
When you bow before the mercy seat 
Whisper their name in prayer

Author Unknown