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Substance Abuse 

In today's world, we see so many of our Loved ones destroyed by either drugs or alcohol. Sometimes we may ask, why don't they just quit? How did they allow themselves to fall so low? What was the cause for this addiction? Or maybe as you read this you ask yourself the same questions? 

First I think we need to clarify what Substance Abuse is. Substance Abuse refers to, A mental or chemical dependency to Nicotine, Drugs or Alcohol. Anything taken orally or intravenously that may cause ill effects to a persons mental or physical health. 

I must admit that I am a substance abuser. I do not drink Alcohol. I do not take drugs, unless prescribed by my doctor. But I am a heavy smoker. For those of you that smoke, you may ask how can I consider myself guilty of Substance Abuse. 

I am smart enough to know that with each cigarette I smoke, I am causing myself health risks. If I smoke around others I am causing them unchoosen health risks. For those of you who do not smoke you may ask, Well then why don't you just quit. It sounds simple, but it is not. The same is true with alcohol and drugs. For those who abuse these substances it is often not a lack of desire to discontinue use, but a chemical dependency that imprisons them to their substance of choice. 

In this section of my social issue's pages, I will explore each of the above three mention areas of Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs, and Nicotine. I will offer statistical data on Health costs, Life expectancies, and available resources for those seeking help for themselves or a loved one. 

Please take the time to read through the following pages on this subject.