VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
February 22

Teddy Bear
created from a selections tutorial by Christina Gibbs and resized to fit this page.

"If I had my life to live over... I'd dare to make more mistakes next time."
- Nadine Stair -


"Remember that if the opportunities for great deeds should never come, the opportunities for good deeds are renewed day by day. The thing for us to long for is the goodness, not the glory."
- F.W. Faber -


Never "for the sake of peace and quiet" deny your own experience or convictions.
- Dag Hammarskjold -


I wonder if anyone else questions their existence, their purpose, their reason for being. Why am I on this earth, what have I yet to achieve, give, take, hold, learn, see, and know before my task is complete and eternal peace becomes mine? I wonder if anyone else has these same questions and what direction they are taking to find the answers. My thought to ponder today.


a whispering snow that blows and blows, and steadily falls, drifts begin to build and the thought of the work it will take to get out of the drive come Monday. I slept and slept and slept and slept, it seems that is the only place I find peace in from the torment and thoughts that plug my mind.


such longing to be
such desire wilting from me
such passion no longer do I see


I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
- Duke Ellington -


I cry myself to sleep
I feel numb
I feel lost
Why did you lie to me
Why did I accept them for so long


Sometimes it seems as thought there is no direction only circles to travel round. Not a straight path but ups and downs that lead back to the same with only slight deviations from before. Circles yes we travel in circles.


Close your eyes
what do you see?

A broken heart
beaten and tattered

A heart so empty
that love can not fill

Close your eyes
and let it heal


The truth is more important than the facts.
- Frank Lloyd Wright -