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All graphics contained within this area have been created by myself with the use of Paint Shop Pro. However some of the graphics used to create these images have come from other sites offering free tubes, brushes and  graphics. In most cases where original art is used for the graphics I have either gotten permission to use from the artist of the work or have used artwork that has an expired copyright on them.  I will attempt to give credit to all of these providers of said graphics and point out where or how I came into possession of them and how they have been used at the bottom of each page. 

If you are one of the talented artist who provide these graphics I would like to first thank you for allowing me to use, and if you find one of your graphics used incorrectly please notify me and I will remove it from this site. 

Anyone may use these graphics free of charge, providing the site they are used on do not contain illegal activities, pornography or other unsuitable content for a young audience. I feel strongly about this and will take action against anyone using my copyrighted designs in this manner. 

The HTML tips and tricks area contains design basics and how to's for simple html. I had written this in 1996, and is a bit outdated with all the advancements in web technology, however I still believe that these basic tips for web design should be considered when building a website. 
I know I fight with them from time to time just because the things I want to do, do not fit into these rules or guidelines. 

A link back to Bajeca's is appreciated but not required. 
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June 13, 2003 


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